Whew Hefner!

Rescuing Teenage Babes from the Ravages of Prostitution
At age 84, Hef had his eye on Young Heifers


On November 18, 2010, Hugh M. Hefner was presented with the first (and only) "Founder's Hero of the Hearts Award" by Lois Lee, founder and long-standing Executive Director of Children of the Night, a charity ostensibly in place to rescue teenage girls from prostitution and pornography. But Children of the Night wasn't always called Children of the Night. Back in the late 1970's it was known as CAT, an acronym for the California Association of Trollops (aka prostitutes).

So why would such a charity in place to help adult workers in the sex industry (specifically prostitutes and call girls) to continue their work, suddenly change their tack and start working with teenagers? The answer apparently lies in a man, who later became the great benefactor of rescuing teenage girls from the sex industry—none other than (drum roll, please) pipe-smoking, sex mogul, Hugh M. Hefner, founder of the vast Playboy empire!

That's right, Hugh Hefner, who, during his long reign as Playboy's Founder and Chief Executive would think nothing of bedding down any of his eighteen or nineteen year old Playmates, served for decades as the financial mainstay of CON. At age 82, Hef was apparently sexually involved with twins, Karissa and Karina Shannon, age 19! Hef touted them publicly as his girlfriends; Hef, the self-proclaimed altruist, who helps to prevent teenage girls from selling their flesh.

Playboy, under the direction of Hugh Hefner, regularly sought out and hired 18-year-old girls to be photographed nude in sexually provocative positions. Not only that, but the Playboy mansion is notorious for the sex that went on within its walls. There was even a half-submerged chair in the West Coast Playboy Mansion pool back in the late !970's where girls could swim up underwater, and perform fellacio on the seated men. And then there was Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Miss January 1958, born August 4, 1941, who was only 16 when her nude photographs were taken.

Hef and the girl's mother were both arrested, charged by Chicago authorities with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The charges against Hef were later dropped when he claimed "he didn't know." Was that "he didn't know" in the biblical sense, or was the 16-year-old's naked body making it literally "hard" for him to use proper judgment?

Hef did know, though, about the troubled, promiscuous adolescence of Disney pop star, Miley Cyrus. In fact, on November 23, 2010, the day of Miley's eighteenth birthday, when asked if he would like to do a nude spread on her, Fox News quoted him as saying "coyly," "The simple answer is she is one that you and all the other readers would like to see [nude]." Miley issued a statement saying she is "embarrassed" by the Annie Leibovitz photo (below) taken of her for Vanity Fair. "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic,'" she said in a statement, "and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about." Yet Hugh Hefner, just five days after receiving the "Hero of the Hearts Award" for helping to keep teenage girls from being sexually exploited, basically told Fox News that he wanted to see his achy breaky heartthrob in the buff with no buffer zone for the sake of selling copies of Playboy. Gosh, Gramps, that sounds like sexual exploitation of a teen to us!

Regardless, nude photos were taken of Miley the day after her 18th birthday by Playboy photographers. The concept was approved by Hef himself, who said that Miley’s photo [did he mean leg?] spread, will become a worldwide sensation. After presumably years of a persistent Viagra-induced hard-on for the dizzy Disney teen sexpot, Hugh Hefner, the octogenarian lounge lizard entrepreneur who helps to "rescue" teenage girls from "the ravages of prositution," finally got his wish. No, this isn't prostitution. No, she didn't have sex with anyone at Playboy for money. But she got paid to pose sexually, so that men would buy the magazine and become sexually aroused. There was a very thin line crossed when not even 24 hours had passed since she turned 18, and so the girl who was embarassed by the Vanity Fair photos became desensitized, and is now grabbing her crotch regularly, sexually, in public performances.

Even more outrageous is the fact that Spice Networks, which is owned by Playboy, boasted, "Hot unknown amateur girls picked up off the street? ... Teenage runaways in need of hardcore sex? ... And if you want the “hole” story, then read below!" it said. But what is "below" is too offensive for this article to quote or even paraphrase. Many young women that Hefner's company has scouted have gone the porn route, which often leads to prostitution; not the sort that Lee rallies over, but prostitution never the less. It seems that Playboy is not just a gateway to celebrity, but a path, sometimes, to human trafficking. Let us not forget Playmate Stacey Arthur, whose husband was murdered by a fan after talking with her on Playboy's 900 line. Or Dorothy Stratten, who would probably still be alive had it not been for Hefner. Meanwhile, allegations of drugging and rape at the Playboy mansion by actor, Bill Cosby have surfaced.

On the November 26, 2009 episode of "Girls Next Door," Hef's ex-girlfriend, Barbi Benton, who came by the Playboy mansion to attend a roller disco party and meet Hef's three new girlfriends, said she found it "spooky" that the 83-year-old was dating teenagers.

At the award ceremony, Lois Lee, the self-proclaimed Mother Teresa of sexually-exploited girls stated, “No one has been more important in launching, developing and maintaining Children of the Night and its groundbreaking work of rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution than Hugh Hefner." On the CON website, Lee labels Hefner, "Our Hero." But here is one thread of reality: CON helps XX chromosome teens up to their 18th birthday, and Playboy "helps" launch girls from their 18th birthday into a XXX career. Blow out the candles, dear, then just blow me." That's what it all strips down to. Good thing there's not a "Zero of the Hearts Award," because then Lee and Hef would be tied, with no one to unravel our Gordian knot of disbelief.